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Accio happy ending!

The ramblings of a Slytherpuff...

In accordance with LJ rules, I must let you know that I occasionally link to adult material. If you are not over 18 years old or allowed to look at adult material in your country, please do not read my journal or click on any entries under an LJ cut - just to be on the safe side. I, myself, am way over the age of 18.

Just a Happy Little Fangirl from the fangirl_tour...

one of the proud maintainers of the quiz_sshg,

one of the proud maintainers of lovedraughts,

Proud participant of the Portus_Envy celebration at hpcon_envy

Oh, and I like to read fanfic.

A lot of fanfic...

Hufflepuff Rules!
I Read for Hufflepuff!

Special Special

You're a Slytherpuff!: This is a rare combination but those that are true Slytherpuffs are not people you want to make your enemy. You take loyalty very seriously and if someone gives you their word you expect them to keep it. You either project a cold exterior and have a heart of gold inside or you seem all cuddly and nice on the outside and you are ruthless on the inside. People frequently underestimate you but this usually suits your purpose. Whoever has your loyalty is a very lucky person because you will fight tooth and nail to protect them. You have a protective streak and you like to champion the underdog. In life, experience has taught you that it's better not to be too idealistic or expect too much of other people. Still, deep inside you, you have hope that everything will always turn out for the best. Your weakness is that sometimes you trust blindly, follow without question, and this can lead you into trouble. With the loyalty of a Hufflepuff and the ruthlessness of a Slytherin you are a formidable person!

Proud recipient of endless fangirl love at morethanmolly!

Who knew writing limericks could make you a poeta laureata?!?!

I do like to play games!

MTS thanks

It would seem that I have had a life-long interest in the city of London which has now grown into an utter Anglophile obsession. My godsons, niece and nephew are responsible for my interest in HARRY POTTER and will probably need years of intensive therapy to deal with my resulting Snape fixation. I learned to read at an early age and have been a confirmed bibliophile ever since. Mysteries are my preferred genre. The ideal vacation for me is a theater crawl in New York or London. Goodness knows what my journal will turn out to be. My main motivation in joining LiveJournal was to quit lurking in the background of other people's journals and actually participate. (Or at the very least be able to comment!)